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Guest Comments 2009

My heart is full of joy from this very special week spent in this cozy home, the beautiful chapel, 
the breathtaking gorge, and the surrounding countryside.
Thank you for all you have done to make this such a paradise for church musicians. I loved looking through all the old hymn and anthem 
books, Sunday school publications, etc. The acoustics of the chapel were a delightful surprise. I am quite unable to express the richness of the inspiration that has overcome me this week. Bless you 
all for what you have done! Gratefully,


D.B., Philadelphia PA

The most productive week I've had in I don't know how long! What a terrific opportunity to learn new pieces, finish old ones and get a big push on a program coming up in October. Using that 
beautiful room made the hours fly by and I can't wait to come back. Thanks so much for making 
such a thing possible!


A. G., Redding CT

We had a wonderful time in both the Chapel and the park. Congratulations on a great project. 
All the best to you in the future!

J. K., Aurora, OH

What a peaceful and refreshing week. It has been years since I had the opportunity for such uninterrupted time with the piano and the organ. Thank you for the vision that saw the potential 
and for all the efforts that made the vision a reality. With three organists in our family, it was a 
most remarkable week!


R. P., Pittsburgh, PA

What a blessing! Thank you for this wonderful week of practice for my husband and relaxation for 
me. The chapel is beautiful and was a perfect spot for Steve to learn new pieces. The seating area 
was a nice touch, so great to listen and read in a cozy little nook. The cottage was very welcoming 
and homey. We loved playing Scrabble and Quiddler each night. Thank you for doing this!


B.S., Palmetto, FL

What a wonderful place! I've practiced more in the last week than I have in years. Also had a 
superb time with my family in the park. Thank you so much to the Smiths and everyone who 
made this possible. What a blessing!


T.S., Royal Oak, MI


Thank you to the Smith family and Board for a marvelous idea for organists to have a retreat. 
Thank you for all the work it took to restore the chapel, repair and decorate the cottage and 
plant the flowers. Your work gave four adults a productive and restful week. I hope we get to


B.D., Cheraw, SC

What a re-'treat' ... a week of rest, relaxation and wonderful music among great special friends in the quaint village of Portageville, NY. We came here with no expectations and were overwhelmed with the magnificent Schantz organ, the Knabe grand piano, and wonderful acoustics 
in the beautiful and simple confines of the Portageville Chapel. We certainly expect to return to Portageville and hope that other musicians get to enjoy the same wonderful experience for many years to come!


 G.R., B.R., Tannersville, PA - A.A.,C.A., Columbus, Ohio

What a wonderful time, place and experience. A big thank you to all involved in the 
Portageville Chapel project. Enjoyed selecting new music for the coming year. The cottage 
is so homey and very well stocked with the necessities and more! The falls and gorge are 
spectacular in their beauty. Thanks again to the responsible committee and best wishes to all 
who take advantage of this opportunity.


D. P., Albertville, MN

Wow! What a great few days of practice and relaxation. Thanks to all who make this place possible. It was such a blessing to be able to spend time - quality time - with the music.


P. G., Bloomfield, NY

We had a great week here, both with the organ and the surrounding area. The organ 
and chapel acoustics complement each other wonderfully. It was cold (40s and 50s) and rainy for 
most of the week, but still managed to see some of the area. Letchworth and, a little farther away, Watkins Glen, are amazing. Overall, a great time, setting and implementation.


J.L., Ellicott City MD

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